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Ingrid Alberini (born 11 September 1978) is an Italian dancer and singer-songwriter. She is best known for her 2003 international club smash "Tu es foutu", also known as "You Promised Me". The song was a big hit in Europe, Russia, Australia, Latin America and in the United States, where it reached #4 on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart in 2004. Career edit: In-Grid (whose parents named her after Ingrid Bergman) began singing in her native Northern Italy. In 1994 she won the regional competition The Voice of San Remo. In 2002, record producers Larry Pignagnoli and Marco Soncini invited her to sing on a couple of ideas they were working on in the studio. She laid down the vocals of "Tu es foutu" in one go. The track reached number 16 in her native Italy and made the Top 10 in no less than 8 countries, including Germany, where it spent 39 weeks in sales chart. The second single, "In-Tango", entered the sales charts in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. In-Grid's debut album Rendez-Vous made a modest performance in Sweden and German speaking countries. Her third single became "Shock", while "I'm folle de toi" received a massive airplay in Poland. 2004 saw the release of In-Grid's second effort, a cover album deriving from tradition of French popular music. It was called La Vie en Rose, after Édith Piaf's hit song. The only single off the album was "Milord", another standard from Piaf's repertoire. La Vie en Rose passed fairly unnoticed in European market, failing to repeat the considerable success of Rendez-Vous. However, In-Grid's popularity remained high and growing in Poland, where the singer performed intensively and has made numerous TV appearances. Voila!, In-Grid's third studio album, appeared in the market in the second half of 2005. Although it didn't perform well in the charts, the first single, "Mama Mia", became a major hit in Poland. In 2006 the singer contributed vocals to a couple of dance projects. With her popularity declining in Europe, In-Grid still remained successful in Poland, which became her main market. In-Grid released her next album, Passion, in 2009. It was promoted by three singles, neither of which made any impact on charts. 2011 saw the release of Lounge Musique, a record consisting of chillout tracks. On December 18, 2011, she appeared as musical guest on X Factor (Romania).

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