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Amaro Suno

Amaro Suno (which means "Our Dreams") mainly plays a Hungarian repertoire, with some Romanian material as well. Since the border between Hungary and Romania has shifted many times in history, and there are many Hungarians living in what is now Romania, it is not surprising that Romanian songs would be played by Hungarian groups. The band has acquired some of its material through the research of Katalin Kovalcsik, one of the most active Hungarian ethnomusicologists in the area of Rom music, as well as through their own fieldwork. They consider the preservation and promotion of Gypsy music for future generations one of their central goals, and give classes in Budapest twice a week where they teach Gypsy songs and dances to children. According to bandleader Erno Bihari, "An important goal of our music is to try to bring people closer to the Gypsy culture in an effort to ease prejudices."

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