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There appear to be two bands called Mokita. 1) UK London based Artist/Producer/Songwriter. Mokita blends the organic tone of natural instrumentation and plaintive vocals with a unique, subtle, electronic production. Giving bittersweet gems that explore the journey of personal experience, Mokita deliver the intimacy and desire sorely needed in music. Having collaborated with acclaimed producer Mike Nielsen (Jamiroquai, Underworld) and had two tracks 'Made of Stone' and 'Two Words' selected as Record of The Day the music industry's unofficial tastemaker, Mokita was No1. on the Indiestore download chart as well as becoming a published Artist/Songwriter. www.mokitamusic.com Debut album release via itunes- 'answers within earshot' available 03-11-08 2) Mokita were a four-piece band from London. They are probably best described as edging into the post-hardcore genre, taking influences from bands such as Fugazi, Nirvana, At the Drive-In, Mclusky, though there are spatterings of the mid-90s Brit sounds of bands such as Radiohead. Their final line up was: Theo (now in Pocus Whiteface, with previous Mokita drummer Joe) Muppet John (formerly of One Time Friend and The Gloves) Ruth (formerly of The Gloves now in Sinking Cruise Ship Rescue Drama)

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