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Mango is a name that has been used more than once: (1) An Israeli pop - girl band. (2) A popular Italian singer. (3) A pop band from Lithuania. (4) A alternative punk / ska band from Rīga, Latvia. (5) A progressive house producer and DJ from Moscow, Russia. Mango (1): A Israeli pop girl band, that worked between between the years 1988-1991, originated from the Israeli Defense Forces - Northern Command Band. Members: Yasmin Gamliel (nowadays a voice teacher and a member of Waterloo - a band covering ABBA songs), Michal Tsafrir (nowadays she's an actress, dubbed and kids show host) and Miri Nevo (nowadays a presenter in 'Sport 5' - an Israeli cable sports channel). They were reunited in November 2010. --- >> Mango (2): Is the pseudonym of Giuseppe Mango, an Italian singer, born in the little town of Lagonegro in South-Italy. Mango since many years is one of the favorite artists of the Italian music scene. --- >> Mango (3): is a popular Lithuanian girl trio. Created in 1998, it immediately had hits with the covers Pavasariniai žiedai (Spring Blossoms) and Svetimi (Strangers). During its ten-year career Mango released 12 albums that collectively sold some 310,000 copies.[1] It was recognized as the Band of the Year by Radiocentras Awards (2000 and 2001) and by Bravo Awards (2000). The group was created and produced by brothers Mindaugas and Gintaras Bendžius. Members of the group Rima Petrauskytė, Viktorija (Vika) Perminaitė and Asta Bridikytė were selected after a special competition, organised by Bendžius brothers and composer Žilvinas Liulys. In 2004, Bridikytė left the group and was replaced by Lina Kaklytė. The band announced its retirement in 2007 with a release of the third compilation of its best songs and a good-bye tour across Lithuania, including special appearances for Lithuanian communities in England, Ireland, and Unites States, with the final concert on March 31, 2008 in Šiauliai Arena. More information: www.mango.cactus.lt www.mango.frype.lt --- >> ManGo (4): Is alternative punk / ska band from Rīga, Latvia. Band ManGo was established on the nice spring of 2006, when our first vocal Rolis has thrown all of his ideas about working as a bartender in a family company called "Piepe” (polypore) out of his head, and the new bartender - Janis, was struggling to get his place. Story would be very short and easy, but then showed up a lady - Ieva, with all of her intrigues and ambitions, and the bar "Piepe” started to suffer from demolitions made by her and her henchmen - Krish and Krists. The main reason why Ieva and her henchmen showed around, was the the owners of "Piepe” couldn’t stand never ending playing on spaghetti dishes by Rolis, and as much annoying drum solos on bottles and pieces of barbecue (of course on those, who had fallen on the ground) by Janis, so they hired the gang to get rid of both. It just wasn’t. Wasn’t the way to go. Ieva’s and her henchmen main aim was to get rid of both and bury them somewhere near, in Linda’s (our ex saxophone player’s) cow farm. It didn’t work out. Because in the end, it happened, that all of the heroes from our story really loved to make music. Inside.Very silent, but they still did. Then goes very long blaah blaah, and in the end boys and their ladies started to make fantastic music and their career began at the same old bar - "Piepe”. Everybody lived happily ever after. But in serious story telling, then band was established in 2006, because Rolis broke his magnetophone and all of the friends suffered from lack of music during the parties, so they decided to make it. Since that time Rolis (vocals) and Linda (saxophone) have left this band, and new member – Kostja, or Casey Grey joined the band. Band has played lots of shows with band from Latvia and Europe - P.O. Box (FRA), Guadalajara (AT), Deep Illumination (AT), Zufallstreffer (AT), Dr. Green (LT) - not only in clubs, also in music festivals. The latest hit - "Checkerboard Colored Cap” is on the main rock radio station in Latvia - "Radio SWH Rock”, and band is working on their first EP. www.myspace.com/realbandmango --- >> Mango (5): Is Алексей Голованов (Alexey Golovanov), progressive house producer and DJ from Moscow, Russia. www.myspace.com/theroyalfruitmango

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