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In the Fall of 2007, Will and Ned wrote some songs. Not wanting to be just another acoustic duo, they asked Chris and Jason to play drums and bass, respectively. They then became just another four-man guitar-indie band. They recorded a four song EP entitled "Dirty Laundry, Part 2: The Drying," which ran about 15 minutes (like most of their early performances) and decided they needed a band name. They selected the name "Viv." ------------------------------------- Now it is the year 2010. Will lives in Norway. Ned lives in southern Minnesota. Chris and Jason are in Duluth. Yet the band persists: Several incarnations of the band play periodically; Will and Ned continue to write and introduce new songs. A tour is planned for January 2011, and an EP of entirely new material is being recorded for the tour. But a problem came up when Ned googled his own band's name and discovered that some mother-effer from the Counting Crows had already been using that moniker to record merely decent music for several years. Anyway, short story long: the band is now called Fours. They've checked all over the internet and found that a Serbian Techno group with no recordings, no past performances, and 452 total profile views, as well as a Post-Punk band with even fewer credentials already have this name. To that they have said: "So what?" Tell your friends: Fours has plans to take over the world. And, upon reviewing this biography, plans to talk your ears/eyes off and overuse colons and semicolons.

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