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Gods gift; stands for the name of the in Freetown/Sierra Leone born and in Cologne living singer and songwriter and also describes her relation to music. „Although my songs do not all bear a religious acquisition, I think that the inspiration to write and the gift to sing are the most beautiful presents life could give me.“ As far back as she can remember music has always been a part of her life. Mariama would sing and dance for her family later on in the school choir and in musical groups. When as a teenager she found her mothers old guitar at her grandparents' house she began learning to play it and soon started writing songs. It is still that old guitar she writes most of her songs with. Mariamas sight of affairs are also reflected in her songs. Center of the songs are the manifold senses and life situations. joy, melancholy or pain, loving or desperation, her own story or the one of others- everything finds its place in her songs, which are always borne by her vocals and her guitarplay. „This music could be charcterized as acoustic soul, at least I think that this matches best at the moment. Its always difficult for me to define myself personal, as well as musical. The way I like to listen to different styles of music in different moods, that’s how each one of my songs arise from a different moment and a different feeling.“ In the meantime Mariama has accured enough of these personal feelings and snap-shots for a whole album and is ready to permute this. “I think it will be a musical journey on which me and my listeners will be taken... from acoustic sounds to deep productions. It’s an open road!“ More information and music under: www.myspace.com/listentomariama www.mariama-music.com

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