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There are at least two artists on last.fm under the name "Whiteout": 1) Whiteout, the band, were from Greenock, Scotland. Their amalgam of country rock influences such as The Byrds and classic rock riffs of bands like Mott the Hoople and The Faces were warmly received by the rock critics in the UK and American press. In 1994 they released the singles "Detroit", "No Time" and "Starrclub" followed by their debut album “Bite It” in 1995 on Silvertone Records (ex-label of The Stone Roses). This was followed by another single "Jackie's Racing". “Detroit” and “Starrclub” did not appear on the album. In 1995 they shared equal billing on Oasis' first UK tour. Their second album, "Big Wow" was self-released in 1998 and was accompanied by a single called "Kickout”. 2) whiteout (aka Dawk Suice aka The PillsBury FlowBoy aka Angel Pagan, The OyxMoron): MC/C.A.E./Promoter (Rich Quick/SiNISTER/Charlie Blaze)/Producer b. July 24, 1984, Minneapolis, MN, USA whiteout won third place in VIBE's "No. 1 Stan" contest: "June 11, 2009 Dear VIBE Reader, Thank you for you participation in the "VIBE Verses Presents No. 1 Stan" contest! Congratulations on being selected as a third place winner! Your Submission was hot and beat out many others to be amongst the finalists. Your work made it a very tough decision for Eminem to select the final two. You weren't chosen as a finalist, but because of all your hard work and creativity, we are sending you a copy of Relapse (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) signed by Eminem, enclosed in this mailing. Be sure to keep checking VIBE magazine and VIBE.com, the definitive voice of urban culture, for more great contests and up-to-the-minute music and entertainment news. All the best to you and yours. From your friends at VIBE." Music Influences: Tupac Shakur, Marshall Mathers, Christopher Wallace, Nasir Jones, Lamont Coleman, John Austin, Earl Simmons, Calvin Broadus, Clifford Smith, Aaron Yates, Andrew Jackson, Richard Strey, Andrew Coutrier 3) Whiteout is also the name of a Russian progressive metal band.

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