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T-Spoon was the name of one of Holland's most succesful dance acts ever. It all started out in 1993 with their first single No Time 2 Waste, which wasted no time in cracking the top 10 in Europe. During the following years they scored a string of hits, which brought them success in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Israel, Ireland, Scandinavia, South-America and of course their home country, Holland. Songs like A Part of My Life, Where R U Now, Take Me 2 the Limit and of course Sex on the Beach kept people moving all over the world. Releasing 4 full album CDs, including a remix CD and a hit single collection, they proved to be one of the most versatile dance acts to have ever existed. They produced some powerful eurodance tracks, but also groovy RnB songs, upbeat happy hardcore tunes and even euroreggae and eurodisco tracks. Official homepage: http://www.t-spoon.com/

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