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There are several artists using the name Dodo: 1) Dodo (real name Dodo Kitching) is a multi instrumental composer and artist from London. A female songwriter and theremin player who is best known for her unique and quirky style of down-tempo 'wonky' electronica. Dodo learned classical piano as a child before moving on to play bass in teenage punk bands. Abandoning her art school training after an introduction to Acid House, she began playing keyboards and percussion with various well-known bands. She soon started mixing up her own concoction of sci-fi b-movie cocktail lounge and cosmic space waltz. Meetings with London's Digidub resulted in the recordings of the 12inch EP "Cleopatra's Needle" which was well enough received to get her signed to Berlin's cult label Crippled Dick Hot Wax for her debut album The Android's Dream. Fast forward several years and Dodo's song writing has mellowed and matured. Into the original mix have been added disembodied voices and robot characters. Cult UK label Freshly Squeezed Music is now releasing new material and a "best of" collection is expected. http://www.myspace.com/dodonumber1 2) Dodo is a Latvian indie rock / electropop band from Rīga, Latvia lead by poet and singer-songwriter Ģirts Koknēvičs. A poet and a singer whose highly emotional music until now was only known among limited but very devoted audience. In February 2010 Dodo published their first studio album "Pasaule var nomirt". As their creative producer works legendary Latvian artist and musician Ingus Baušķenieks. Dodo does not fit into one particular genre. It varies from bard-like folk songs to electropop, indie rock and the tunes are experimental in their nature. The original lineup: Ģirts Koknēvičs - vocals, song writing; Gunita Groša - vocals; Andris Gauja - guitar, keyboards, programming, flute; Mārtiņš Liepa - guitar. http://www.myspace.com/grupadodo 3) Dodo is a German radio play. 4) Dodo is a Swiss reggae musician. 5) Dodo is a Danish pop singer. She has made some solo songs in her carreer but is mostly known from her leading role in the popgroup Dodo & The Dodos

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