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Jack Jones

There are multiple artists named Jack Jones. 1. Jack Jones (born Jan. 14, 1938, in Hollywood, Calif.) is a traditional pop singer, perhaps best known for his songs "I've Got Your Number" and "Wives and Lovers". The only son of actors Allan Jones and Irene Hervey, he released his first album in 1959 on Capitol Records, but he didn't find success until he moved to Kapp Records in the early 60s. During that decade, he was rated highly by contemporaries such as Frank Sinatra. Judy Garland even reportedly called him the best jazz singer in the world, though Jones was always a straight pop singer (even with contemporary material) and merely ventured in the direction of jazz. He has won two Grammy Awards. Having toured for decades since his 60s heyday, Jones still performs concerts around the world and remains popular on the casino circuit. Many of his tunes are included in various mutli-artist compliation albums. Some of his best-known songs are "The Impossible Dream," " "Wives And Lovers" (1964 Grammy Award, Best Pop Male Performance)," "The Race Is On," "Lollipops and Roses" (1962, Grammy Award, Best Pop Male Performance), "Lady," and "The Love Boat Theme". USA Billboard Hit Singles "Lollipops and Roses," 1962, US #66 "Call Me Irresponsible," 1963, US #75 "Wives and Lovers" / "Toys in the Attic," 1963, US #14 / #92 "Love With the Proper Stranger," 1964, US #62 "The First Night of the Full Moon," 1964, US #59 "Where Love Has Gone," 1964, US #62 "Dear Heart," 1964, US #30 "The Race Is On," 1965, US #15 (Adult Contemporary #1) "Seein' the Right Love Go Wrong," 1965, US #46 "Just Yesterday," 1965, US #73 "Love Bug," 1965, US #71 "The Impossible Dream (The Quest)," 1966, US #35 (Adult Contemporary #1) "A Day In the Life of a Fool," 1966, US #62 "Lady," 1967, US #39 (Adult Contemporary #1) "I'm Indestructible," 1967, US #81 "Now I Know," 1967, US #73 "Our Song," 1967, US #92 "Live for Life," 1967, US #99 "If You Ever Leave Me," 1968, US #92 2. "Jack Jones" is also an alias used by the duo of Dego Mcfarlane and Josh Wink on the album "Freezone 6, Fourth Person Singular". The two combined for the track "On my Todd." 3. Jack Jones (born Feb. 14, 1992, in Swansea, Wales) is the lead singer and guitarist for the band Trampolene. His debut double A side singles "Swim Up" and "It's Not My Thing" were released in July, 2018.

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