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Aria is a French electropop musician who was one of five members of the Paradiso Girls. Following the split of the band, she launched her solo career with Warner Music France, her début single being 'Astrolove', released July 2015. She released her first extended play 'Sunshine' in 2017, followed by her album 'Love Is The Answer' in 2019. For the Russian heavy metal band, please ammend your tags to Ария There is more than one artist with this name: 1. ARIA or ARIA is a new pseudonym for Asuka after she changed labels from avex to rhythmzone. As Asuka, she released two albums "SHINING" in 2003 (including the singles BRAND NEW ARIA!!!, 7days, me & my girfriend and LOVE again/NEVER SURRENDER~信じる力~) and "Initial A" in 2005. After this release she was dropped, but returned the same year with new image and new record label. Under the name "ARIA" she released one album entitled "ARIA", and three singles: Beautiful Life, Is This Love?, and Slow Jam (featuring japanese rapper 童子-T). In January 2007, a new single Fallin' was released. After release next two singles (NOT OVER feat. HOKT & BIG RON and NEXT DOOR feat.CHOZEN LEE from FIRE BALL), her second album, "The Jukebox", has been released in November 2007. It contains collaborations with such artists as “E”qual, K DUB SHINE, SEEDA, LUNA (or ルナ) or SHINGO☆西成. 2. Aria (Russian: Ария) is a Russian Heavy/thrash metal band active since the mid 1980s. for more information on this Aria, visit their page on http://www.metal-archives.com/ 3.Aria is a female fronted pop rock band from St. Catharines, Ontario. www.facebook.com/ariarock 4. Aria is a metalcore band from North Carolina, USA, since 2001. The band is led by Joe Benham and has featured the vocals by Paul Genet (ex-Azazel). 5. Aria was a rock and roll band from New Rochelle, New York. After a string of successful years playing in the New York City underground, the members went their separate ways. 6. Aria was a pop band from the Faroe Islands. It consisted of Jogvan Hansen, Olavur Wolles, Erik Biskupsto, Magni Husgaard and Petur Hans Niclasen. 7.Aria is a musical project of the producer Paul Schwartz in association with Mario Grigorov. It mixes famous operatic pieces with ambient and upbeat music , vocals are by Rebecca Luker and Clair Marlo 8. Aria is a Turkish band. So far, they have produced soundtracks for tv series such as Süper Baba and Sıcak Saatler and lastly for Issız Adam, the motion picture by Çağan Irmak.

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