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With their unique groove, a fusion of jazz, funk and house music, the three artists of improvisation rocked the house at the BREAD&BUTTER Party during the international Fashion Show and also the 'IN-locations' in Cologne like the FUNKY CHICKEN CLUB. They performed at the KOOKAI FASHION HOUSEPARTY, the summer event of the Westfalian representative in Berlin, they gave a guest performance in the antique backgrounds of PETRA (Jordan) and they performed at the LIT.COLOGNE event of the biggest German radio station WDR. e-STYLEZ is the debut CD of this Trio. Already before the official first album release there have been selected several titles for compilations within Germany and foreign countries and DJ Sin Plomo (Ibiza SPACE-Resident) as well as Christian Becker (MOCA) contributed remix versions for a 4-track vinyl edition The floorJIVERS develop their music like a movie sound track, taking the listener on a journey through different landscapes of sound. Relaxed Dubs and Lounge sounds are changing into soulful brass moments, then fulminant grooves in best funky deep house tradition will rock the dance floor - and of course the three musicians honor their 'Heroes' by celebrating for example Richie Havens Woodstock classical 'Freedom' with a special dance version. Or paying a respectful reverence to the unforgotten master of Souljazz - Eddie Harris - with a charming minimalistic e-jazz interpretation of his 'Freedom Jazz Dance'. On the trip through their musical universe the flooJIVERS are making an excursion to 'Marseille' and the moment, when French style accordion sound mixes with arabesque melodies of the saxophone, makes clear, that 'Freedom' could in fact be the subtitle of this album - describing the freedom of a collective exchange and the complement to an audible creativity of three musicians deriving from three different generations, each with its input of individual musical socialization.

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