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Dougie F

Born Douglas Ford, Dougie F., was born on January 25 in 1990 in Orange, NJ to a newlywed mother and a father he talks to often but rarely sees. As the second-born son and middle child, growing up, he aspired to be like his older brother who battle rapped. After trial and fail with music and basketball, Dougie started joining ciphers, freestyling, producing beats, and, over time, developing his personal style of music while enrolled at Virginia Union University in Richmond Virginia. Featuring beats made by Lurts Oliver, his first mixtape “The End is Never Near” hosted by DJ Calical was released on June 4, 2010. From there, he made copies on his own and distributed them locally. With the help of Oliver and advice from DJ Calical, he came out with his first club track “One Cup” which gained him more popularity in New Jersey. In between summer and returning to college, he recorded and dropped “Second Semester Freshman.” Dougie’s first music video “Keep Doing What I Do” gained him entrance to open up for Rick Ross, Jadakiss, and The Backyard Band at Virginia Union University’s Homecoming 2010. Since, he has shared studio space with Young Money recording artist Lil’ Chuckee, released many songs for his #ThankfulThursdays, and most recognizably gained hometown followers with a song for Orange entitled “Black and Orange.” He is now in the process of perfecting and marketing his mixtape “So Far, So Good,” comprised of 19 tracks, 14 of which were produced by him. His groundbreaking track “Financial Aid” presented him the chance to work with the well-established Rob Fusari. Dougie and his manager Bilal Joseph are currently working endlessly in New York City with the hopes of evolving the budding rapper into a force to be reckoned with.

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