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AKA DJ Teebee, a Norwegian DJ and producer of the drum n bass style of dance music. Real name Torgeir Byrknes, Teebee began DJing in 1990 and released his first record in 1996. He was one of the first drum n bass producers from outside the UK to rise to the A-list of the scene, and won the Knowledge Magazine award for Best International Producer in 2001. Teebee's music is characterized by a strong dark and futuristic science fiction influence. Teebee material could be classed as neurofunk or techstep, although possessing a deeper ambient and atmospheric quality than much of this sub-genre. His early work in particular owes an acknowledged stylistic debt to Photek, and he was initially most associated with the Certificate 18 record label, alongside Photek and fellow Norwegian Polar. Following the demise of Cert 18, he has been most associated with his own label Subtitles.

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