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Therr Maitz

Therr Maitz is an electronic project from Moscow, Russia. Formed in 2004 by Anton Belyaev, it became an indie pop band with full line-up in 2011 and began touring with noteworthy participation in such music festivals as Усадьба Джаз, Казантип, Вдох, MIGZ, Bosco Fresh Fest 2.0, and Red Rocks. Their first album Sweet Oldies was released in 2010, and the second full-length studio work Unicorn is due on September 2, 2014 Genrewise, Therr Maitz mixes a bunch of subgenres of downtempo electronic music, such as trip-hop and acid jazz, as well as different forms of dance music, including breakbeat, house, disco, and funk, Current line-up consists of Anton Belyaev (male vocals, keys), Viktoriya Zhuk (female vocals), Nikolay Sarabyanov (guitars), Artyom Til'dikov (bass), and Boris Ionov (drums). The additional member Il'ya Lukashev serves as a sound engineer.

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