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Several bands have used the name Lamb over the years: 1. The most widely-known Lamb is a trip-hop duo formed in 1996 in Manchester, England, by Lou Rhodes (singer-songwriter) and Andy Barlow (production). They incorporated into their musical style a distinctive mixture of jazz, dub, breaks, and drum and bass with a strong vocal element and, in their later works especially, some acoustic influences. Lamb are notable for their highly experimental work, a distinctive production style, Lou's often passionate lyrical style, and their artistic videos. Their signature song is Gorecki, from their eponymous debut album and it was inspired by Henryk Górecki's Third Symphony, the Symphony of Sorrowful Songs. Other essential songs are Cotton Wool, God Bless, B Line, Gabriel, Sweet, and Wonder. To date, the band released five studio albums: Lamb (1996), Fear Of Fours (1999), What Sound (2001), Between Darkness And Wonder (2003) and 5 (2011). In 2003 they also issued a compilation entitled Best Kept Secrets. In February 2005, Lamb announced that they would pursue their own projects, ending their collaboration for now. Their last concerts were in Paradiso, Amsterdam, and were filmed to be used for a live DVD. Lou Rhodes started the Infinite Bloom record label, and has released her first own solo album Beloved One (2006), followed by Bloom (2007), and One Good Thing (2010). Producer Andy Barlow focused on his band Hoof and has also been working on another project called Luna Seeds with vocalist–songwriter Carrie Tree, and has recently produced the Fink album Distance and Time. The hiatus ended in 2009 when Lamb reunited and started performing again. Lou Rhodes found her way back to Andy Barlow after five years of silence and their own solo projects. Lamb went back to studio following year to record their fifth studio album which was subsequently released in 2011. 2. Perhaps the first group using the name Lamb was formed by Barbara Mauritz and Bob Swanson in San Francisco in the late 1960s. This group disbanded in 1972. 3. Lamb is a demoscene musician, active from early 1990s till early 2000s, known for composing many chiptunes, as well as themed collection-album called Autumn Leaf. 4. Another Lamb is a messianic Jewish pop music group formed in 1972 by Joel Chernoff and Rick "Levi" Coghill. This group has recorded as recently as 2005 (with Ted Pearce replacing Rick Coghill). 5. Finally, Lamb is also the name of a Japanese duo from Tokyo, formed in 1999. Kudo sings, Nakamura does everything else. They make pretty, light-hearted, chilled-out pop.

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