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Panos Mouzourakis

He grew up in Greece and began appearing in various music scenes in the city from the 17, singing and playing guitar, either alone or as a member of the assembly. In 2002 he came to Athens and for four consecutive years was one of the key performers in the shape of the club of the Southern Cross. He took acting classes and worked with Dennis Savvopoulos to play "Acharnians" which toured throughout Greece in the summer of 2005. Since last October up until recently, had with George Mylonas music scene in X-established New Smyrna, rock, home-made play "ProvaTAkommatia" who prepared with great humor the two of them, gaining fans. He has performed in theater and television and this time starring in the musical theater show "Heroes" Helen Gasouka the Little Palace and play "American Dream" staged at Opera House. He is currently involved in the TV series "4"

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