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Merol (real name: Merel Baldé, born 10 February 1991 in Dordrecht, The Netherlands) is a Dutch synth pop singer in the 'vaporwave' genre. Merol appeared pretty much out of nowhere in the Summer of 2018 as she released her ultra-catchy tune, 'Lekker met de Meiden', an ironic take on girls' friendships. The single became an internet phenomenon overnight. Merol is a 'do it yourself' pop phenomenon, as yet not supported by a record label or marketing company. She kept releasing singles, including her 2019 internet hit, 'Hou je bek en bef me', a very explicit pop song about oral sex: the title is Dutch for 'shut up and lick my p###y', which even in The Netherlands caused a certain controversy. She also released two EP's: 2018's Boter and 2019's Superlatief. Most of Merol's songs contain explicit references to sex, drugs and partying. They draw an ironic picture of the life of urban millennials.

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