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There are at least five artists known as Camille: 1) A one time political science student (aka Camille Dalmais), whose first album, Le sac des filles, was released in 2002. Then, she was part of Marc Collin's Nouvelle Vague project, which consists of old new wave songs transformed into bossa nova. In 2005, Camille released Le fil. This is a concept album, built on one note (a B) that starts at the beginning of the album and stops at its end. All the songs of the album are constructed on the voice of Camille with only one instrument (double-bass, and sometimes a keyboard). Camille's third studio album Music Hole, released in March 2008, shows a key turn in her career: it is mostly sung in English. other albums on lastfm 2006 Live au Trianon 2011 Ilo Veyou 2013 Ilo Lympia 2) A ye-ye-style singer, from the 1960s. 3) A singer (aka Camille O'Sullivan), whose repertoire spans Nick Cave, to the songs of Jacques Brel & Kurt Weil. She is best known for her show-stopping performances in the 'La Clique', the headline cabaret show of 'The Famous Spiegeltent', a touring venue which makes stops at Edinburgh and Brighton festivals, as well as touring internationally. Her album 'La Fille Du Cirque', released through the Spiegeltent, is a collection of her live work there. The 1960s Camille can be heard on her track Opération Charme, which appears on the compilation Ultra Chicks Volume 3: Baby Pop. 4) An alter-ego of Prince, used to record an unreleased album, Camille. A few songs from this album were included on his 1987 album Sign o' the Times, with the lead vocals still credited to Camille. The B-side of his 1988 single "I Wish U Heaven", named "Scarlet Pussy", is the only released song fully credited to Camille. Prince also used the name Camille in his 1988/89 live shows. 5) Camille is an Estonian violinist who acquired a reputation as a violinist and guitar player in Vennaskond, later in the project Camille & The Band.

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