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For the Algerian singer Mona, change your tags to: mona boutchebak There are a number of artists called Mona. 1. Mona are an indie rock band originally from Dayton, Ohio, now located in Nashville, Tennessee. They play romantic rock n' roll songs for the 'city folk'. Their single ‘Listen To Your Love’ was recorded in their basement and was released on their own Zion Noiz recordings which came out in the United Kingdom on September 13th 2010. The band comprise of Nick Brown (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Vince Gard (drums), Zach Lindsey (bass), Jordan Young (guitar). According to Songfacts, they are named after Brown’s grandmother. The band have been so keen to keep their debut material under wraps that rather than sending it out to journalists to review, they played it down the phone to them (Source: The Guardian - New Band of the Day, 29th July 2010). They are also tagged on Last Fm as: MONA (The Band) 2. Mona were an indie rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah. In Fall 2002, two musicians made a pact. To create music they loved without worrying about what anyone else thought. Hyrum Summerhays and Chad Dorton established Mona after a split with their band Elsewhere left them craving. The two wanted to play music with simple melodies and moody lyrics reminiscent of Low, Red House Painters and Belle and Sebastian. Six months searching for the right singer turned-up Mandy Jeppsen, formerly of Gerald Music, and the concept was realized. Like a quiet moment listening through headphones, Mona's luscious unpretentiousness draws the ear inward, beckoning an audience to relax and just listen. 3 .Mona is a pop-rock band originating from Helsinki, Finland. They haven't signed a record-deal yet, but their song Virta has gotten loads of airtime in radio. Mona consists of singer Maija, guitarist Anssi, keyboardist Sami, basist Visu and drummer Tuomas. They were voted to Tulevaisuuden tusina 2011-list (a list in which Finland's most valued music-editors vote artists they think will make a break through in 2011.)

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