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Lazy Hammock

LAZY HAMMOCK is a UK Artist, Producer, DJ, Songwriter, Vocalist, Remixer and Radio Presenter who is constantly in demand for her songwriting and production skills from artists and labels alike and beautiful DJ sets from Promoters and venues. She is well known for her infectious, warm, laid back style of soulful/chill-out, productions and remixes, and is fast becoming known for her captivating live stage performances where she seamlessly mixes and blends all the musical styles and genres that she writes, including Chill House, Nu Jazz, Neo Soul, Drum 'n Bass and Reggae. From singing to uplifting poetic lyrical flow, she will lift a crowd in an instant taking them on a delightful musical journey based on good grooves, raw energy and deep emotion. She was described as an ‘International Chill Out Expert’ in a review for the ‘Luxury Lounge Ibiza’ compilation, which she has tracks licensed to. LAZY HAMMOCK (formerly known as Hermione) is signed to German label DIVENTA MUSIC, and has released 4 albums to date. Her productions & remixes have been licensed to over 500 compilations worldwide, including MINISTRY OF SOUND, SONY BMG and EMI amongst many other labels including; DIVENTA MUSIC, PARKLANE RECORDINGS, BEATLOUNGE RECORDS, ALUMINIUM RECORDS, LUXURY HOUSE RECORDINGS, DAVINO RECORDS and TYRANNO LOUNGE RECORDS, and has appeared and recorded with artists such as JOSE PADILLA (Cafe Del Mar), AFTERLIFE, ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION, BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE, MJ COLE, MICHAEL E and ASYMMETRIC. LAZY HAMMOCK has released 4 albums so far, 'ISLAND LOVER', 'LOST IN DREAMS', 'THE PROPHET' and 'NATURAL HIGH.' ‘ISLAND LOVER’ is a lounge, chill-out album, that blends beautiful chocolate silken, sensual vocals with infectious beats and cool grooves to create the perfect backdrop to beautiful sunsets, and chilled Sunday afternoons, taking you to that place… ‘LOST IN DREAMS’ is music for relaxation, meditation and reflection. It was used at the Yoga Show London on two main stages. The music blends ambient, chillout, chants, rhythms and beautiful instrumentation and melodies to create a deep sense of peace within, whilst uplifting one’s inner self. 'THE PROPHET' blends the sounds of chillout, reggae, nu jazz and soulful house effortlessly. The Prophet contains 12 beautifully crafted and timeless songs sung with beautiful silken vocals and lyrics that relate to life, love and dreams that can’t help but touch the soul.The album would sit well almost anywhere that invites cool chilled grooves on the menu. At home relaxing on your own or with friends, a warm up or cool down to any evening, or your backdrop to a night in a bar or a club. This album has a song for everyone and is literally ‘music to the ears’. 'NATURAL HIGH' is the highly anticipated 4th album release from Lazy Hammock. It is a finely crafted album with 14 tracks that take you on a naturally evolving journey of emotions and feelings, melodies and grooves, capturing the sublime essence of unspoken beauty, created through her words and music. This album shows Lazy Hammock at her best, combining her skills as a producer, lyricist and vocalist to create this highly infectious and heart felt album. ALBUM REVIEWS:- ‘ISLAND LOVER’ ‘The album “Island Lover” is a perfect home listening album to relax and chill… Eleven tracks drenched with positive energy and feelings. Music that captures the energy of the sun. This is definitely a “Perfect Ten” album, nearly each of these ten tracks could be released as a successful single, and each track is perfectly arranged. But the thing I really love about this album is the effect on its listener, warm and positive. It spends strength and a nonesuch high-spirits feeling. Just combination of talent and a positive attitude to life can engender such a beautiful record. As I said, this music is too good just as played in the background, put on your headphones and follow Lucie aka Lazy Hammock to a wonderful vacation on her personal Island! High Class Downtempo meets soulful Chill music… 10+’ CUEMIX MAGAZINE 'LOST IN DREAMS' ‘A very special album, that opens up the gates for you to step into a new and peaceful world of sounds. Very laid-back and ambient are the tracks of this wonderful album. Each track is written with heart and soul, they own a deepness that rarely can be found in this genre. “Lost In Dreams” is a wonderful album to chill, ten stunning tracks made to come down and forget the troubles of your day. This music lets the sun shine on at the greyest day in your life - it gives a safe and warm feeling through its fragile arrangements and thought-out sounds. A wonderful essential album that will make your day!’ CUEMIX MAGAZINE "This album is the perfect compliment to any Hatha yoga class and holistic bodywork practice, its blend of chill out grooves and sensual sounds immediately sets the listener at ease and transforms them away for the hustle and bustle of urban living. Be prepared to be ‘blissed’ out; a fantastic album from an innovative and talented musician." JAQUI WAN (Yoga & AcroYoga teacher / Thai massage practitioner) “The album contains ten excellent multi-layered tracks that combine an eclectic mix of downtempo and chill-out tunes that are reminiscent of the Balearic sound of Ibiza. Lost In Dreams is the perfect accompaniment for yoga classes, home practice, meditation…or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing sounds” THE YOGA MAGAZINE “Perfect music for yoga. Completely fit for purpose” MARK ANSARI (Life Centre, London) 'NATURAL HIGH' 'Chill in love. That’s the three words that I can use for Lazy Hammock’s new album. The UK female producer who we all love from her debut ‘’Island Lover’’ is back with her best and mature album. Cool temperature, sun care, beach grooves, smooth beats, love affairs, jazz attitude, soul flavour and her warm voice over her music work are components of this delicious music dish.' DJ Nova – Nova FM This latest album from Lazy Hammock is a satisfying blend of breath-taking vocal arrangements, soaring bird-like against lush, yet spacious programming. Add hypnotic uptempo and downtempo beats, a magic carpet ride through genre and texture, and the overall effect is of a composer and technician in peak condition, producing best work to date. Faye Patton - Singer/Songwriter For UK & International DJ & Artist Bookings Contact Ross: +44 207 193 2025 / admin@meowuk.com For music licensing contact: zelonka@diventa-music.com Website: www.lazyhammock.co.uk

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