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Chicherina (Чичерина) is a band that was formed in Ekaterinburg, Russia, in mid 90's. Their name is based on the band leader's last name, Yulia Chicherina. They play their own kind of soft alternative rock with female vocals. Chicherina started in 2000 with a great optimistic record "Сны" (Sny, or Dreams). Also in the year 2000, Chicherina featured in the soundtrack for the immensely popular Russian film "Брат-2" (Brat-2, or Brother 2), with the song "ТуЛуЛа" (TuLuLa). In 2001 they released a very depressing record Течение (Techeniye, or The Stream). In 2004 they released "Off/On" album (no tranlation). In 2006 Chicherina recorded their first "adult" album - "Музыкальный фильм" (Muzykal'nyi Fil'm, or The Musical).

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