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Deepest Blue

Deepest Blue was an electronic music group based in the UK, consisting of record producer and songwriter Matt Schwartz, and singer/songwriter Joel Edwards. Matt, Deepest blue's producer is an Israeli born, classically trained violinist who moved to the U.K. to study music production. Matt has worked with many great artists including Arthur Baker, Mica Paris, JTQ and Massive Attack. He first collaborated with Massive Attack on their album Mezzanine, helping to co-write Dissolved Girl which featured in the motion picture The Matrix. Joel Edwards, Deepest Blue’s front man and singer/songwriter. According to Joel, Deepest Blue’s sound is down to their eclectic taste and combined musical trainings. Joel has worked with Ed Case (Gorillaz), Planet Funk, Chicane, M Factor, Skin (Skunk Anansie), The Underwolves, Melanie C of the Spice Girls The duo's first single came out in the summer of 2003, when they released the self-named Deepest Blue. The single reached the number 7 slot and it is currently to date their highest entry in the charts. Their second single Give It Away reached no.9 in the UK chart in early 2004 and no.2 in the airplay chart. With their third single Is it a Sin?, Deepest Blue, now sampling a different style of music in comparison to their first two singles, managed to reach the top 30 in May 2004. Their debut album Late September peaked at #22 in the UK National charts. However their fourth single Shooting Star, released in August 2004, only entered the charts in no.57 and stayed in the chart for only 1 week. It is their first single to date that hasn't entered the UK top 40. [edit] Solo Projects In 2005, the group decided to split in order to pursue solo projects. Their first album, Late September, went on to sell 70,000 copies in the UK and another 230,000 copies worldwide. Matti Schwartz followed the project with a string of crossover hits such as Dada'Lollipop', Thedrill'The Drill'l, M'black Heartbreak, and went on to work with Trevor Horn, Robbie Williams and Lol Cream (10cc). He continue to release records via his label Destined Records. Joel Edwards has remixed under the name of 'Dead Guys' for Blonde, Lamb, Chicane and Texas, he went on to record a solo album, Lost And Found, for Mercury Records. Working alongside jazz legend George Fame he also worked with members of the Van Morrison band. The album never came out as half way through the release schedule the MD and AnR that signed Joel and the marketing team that where working on the release where replaced overnight[citation needed]. The album lost all momentum and finally Joel asked to be dropped. Their song, Shooting Star, was used as the backing music for Sky Sports News between 2004 and 2007.

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