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Quadro Nuevo

Despite the Spanish name, Quadro Nuevo is a German quartet playing tango, flamenco and Valse Musette created in 1996. History: Quadro Nuevo formed in 1996. Four young men met for the first time on some grey January day of that year on a car park near Salzburg. They were - the guitarist Robert Wolf, who until that time had been touring with the flamenco star Paco de Lucia - saxophonist Mulo Francel, who appeared in jazz clubs and worked with large orchestras – D.D. Lowka , as a bassist he had formed the basis for various latino combos – and Andreas Hinterseher who cultivated the folk accordion tradition of the Parisian valse musette. The four hardly knew each other previously and had been commissioned to produce film music for ORF [Austrian broadcasting and television station]. The film was never broadcast, but one thing was clear on that day: A new quartet with an unmistakable sound had been born. From then on only one thing mattered – Quadro Nuevo, the love of nostalgic-acoustic music and travelling together evening for evening, from stage to stage. A dream became true, the ardour of joy is to be heard in every note.. The quartet have so far played at numerous renowned festivals, such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, the ’Internationale Jazzwoche Burghausen’, the ’Rheingau Musikfestival’, the ’Meraner Musikwochen’, ’Saalfelden Jazztage’ and the Quebec Festival. In 2005, Quadro Nuevo performed concert tours in Singapore, Korea, Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Turkey and in the Baltic countries.

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