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Ingredients - 1 Female singer and guitar player - 1 Female rapper and beatboxer - 2 All-around musicians - 1 Bundle of French words, nicely chopped - 1 Pound of beats - 1 Sprinkle of English, French, Spanish or Italian - 1 Roll of paper towels for writing the raps and pacings - 1 Touch of Sounds - 1 Zest of improvisation - 1 Mixture of styles - 2 Tea spoons of bling Prepare a generous portion of dance for each guest. The result should be a little crispy, a bit sweet, should melt in your mouth, and stick in your head! Pour all ingredients in a large bowl. Place in oven. Set temperature on high, for the flavours to come together. Spice it with a demo-EP of six songs produced a DNA Records. Finish on broil on the stages of Montreal International Jazz Fest, Pop Montreal, MEG Festival, NXNE, Fringe Fest, Divan Orange, Cabaret Music Hall, Canadian Music Week, Main Hall, Saints, Sala Rossa, Centrale Power House, Drake Hotel Hambi. Add the cherry on the top, a MIMI award for Best new up-and-coming band of 2009, and you get this unique Random Recipe! CREW Fab: Rap & Beat Box Frannie Holder: Voice and chiquita guitarra Vincent Legault: Guitar, keys, bass, all the shizzle Liu-Kong Ha: Percussions, keys

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