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Things begun back to 1996, when he released his 1st album with his group named "Stroggilo Kitrino" (The Round Yellow) at the age of 19, gaining the respect from other musicians for his very characteristic hammond sound and his explosive appearances on the stage with an original hammond... After some successful concerts in Greece and Italy, he left the group in 1999 and he moved to Spain where he started writing music for theatrical plays and films, while at the same time he was touring all along the spanish territory as a session musician with some of the most famous spanish groups. He released as Cayetano 2 vinyls at the german label "Kinky Lounge" but the international recognition came in 2006, when he released the album "FOCUSED" getting airplay on radio stations and great reviews from the Press all over the World. The next step was even bigger, as his collaboration with Loopa Scava gave the "UP & DOWN" album, released by Etage Noir. Since then, Cayetano has in his baggages 1 Nomination for the French Annually Prizes "Prix Radiophonie", the 1st Award for film scoring for the swedish film "Herr Holger" , his song "Mathematical Sorrow" from the album "FOCUSED" as the official song for the Berlin's Mathematical Expo, numerous remixes for artists like Parov Stelar, Wax Tailor, Mod X etc and numerous licenses for compilations and TV programs... His live appearances gained the best reviews from respected Media such like the british WIRE magazine... On Summer of 2009, the "THE BIG FALL" album comes out from the Etage Noir and hits the charts in many major online record stores such like iTunes and SoulSeduction.com... An album slightly different from the sound that Cayetano was known... More dark, more mature, more authentic... On November of 2010, Cayetano releases the "BACK HOME" album. The album is available for the rest of the World (out of Greece) on January of 2011. Already a great feedback from artists such like Laurent Garnier and Press such like DJMAG, I-Dj and more is taking place. Based to Cayetano's words, "BACK HOME" is the best album he made until now...

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