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Roni Zakay known as RoZi, was born and raised in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. she paved her own path, reviling the unlimited wonders of electronic music. During the last year she recorded her first debut album, together with Ron Solomon and Shahar Fleisher, two young and promising producers, and with the guidance of Avi Elbaz, a leading modern music composer in Israel. 'If you get used to it, break it...' "For me, it is very important to STAY ALIVE, not only in the sense of breathing and eating. When I am writing my songs, the most importent thing for me is that they will be real. First of all for me, and then to anyone else that listens to them. I like it when I have a wonderfull pair of words togther, that can make me happy..." Accompiend with Ron Solomon on electric Guitar, Marta Navarro on her magical Cello, & Roni Zakay on keyboards and singing.

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