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There are twelve artists with this name: 1. A rock band from California, United States 2. A techno producer from Michigan, United States 3. A wave band from the Netherlands 4. An indie rock band from Romania 5. A rock band from Germany 6. A pop group from the United Kingdom 7. A heavy metal band from Australia 8. A covers band from the United Kingdom 9. A hardcore band from Ohio, United States 10. A metal band from the United Kingdom 11. A hardcore band from Staten Island, New York 12. A rapper from Miami, Florida. 1) Vice is a rock/pop band composed of Stanford students Brodie Jenkins (vocals), Grahame Lesh (guitar), Mac Parish (bass), Jesse Engreitz (keyboard), and Eric Saar (drums) 2) Vice is Jay Denham, a producer of minimal techno from Kalamazoo. 3) Vice are a dutch 'Wave' band from Nijmegen who released an eponymous EP in 1982 and the album 'A Plain Reprise' in 1984. Also: http://www.fonofactory.com/matrix/cel-21/page-21.html 4) Romanian indie-alternative band; their debut album, "My Love, My Depression" was released independently in 2007. 5) There is also a German 80's rock band by the name Vice. They made 2 albums named 'Made for Pleasure', & 'Second Excess'. 6) Guys from UK play fashion pop music. See their profile at ViCEofficial 7) Australian heavy metal band with the 1985 EP 'Daddy's Little Girl'. 8) A London UK based 5 piece that in the 90s, covered classic rock old & new. 9) Cleveland hardcore with members of Homewrecker, Wreak Havoc and Light Years 10) A Manchester based 4 piece metal band - http://www.reverbnation.com/vicemetal 11) Hardcore band from Staten Island, NY http://vicexnyhc.bandcamp.com/ 12) 80's Metal band from Connecticut, USA that has released two albums 'Hot...Just Looking At You' and 'Na Na Naughty' though Demon Doll Records. 13) Vice is best known for his affiliation with label mates Stitches and Str8 Kash. Vice currently has released one mixtape entitled What's Your Vice?

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