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The Downtown Fiction

The Downtown Fiction is a power pop band from Fairfax, V.A., formed in the summer of 2008 by Cameron Leahy (guitar/vocals) and Eric Jones (drums). The two posted three demos on the band’s MySpace profile and quickly built a following and added David Pavluk (bass/background vocals) to the line up. After a year of touring, The Downtown Fiction announced their signing with Photo Finish / Atlantic Records. The band performed on the 2010 Bamboozle Roadshow and the 2010 Warped Tour and was recently featured in the “100 Bands You Need To Know” issue of Alternative Press Magazine. The Downtown Fiction released a self-titled EP in March 2009, which included the hits “Living Proof” and “Is Anybody Out There?”. Followed up by an EP titled “Best I Never Had” in March. In August, the music video for “I Just Wanna Run” was released and in December, they released a new EP “The Double E.P.”, including all tracks from the two other EPs and a new demo, “Keep On Moving”. Songfacts reports that their first album Let's Be Animals was released on April 26, 2011, via Photo Finish / Atlantic Records, "Thanks for Nothing" was the first single.

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