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Descemer Bueno

Descemer Bueno (b. 1971, Habana Vieja) is a Cuban singer, composer, and producer. His first professional gigs were playing bass with Santiago Feliu, one of Cuba’s greatest troubadours. Bueno studied music in Cuba and became a music teacher before forming his jazz combo band Estado de Animo in 1990, which also included guitarist Elmer Ferrer and trumpeter Roberto Carcasés. His band encountered some success during the 90’s touring in Spain, Bolivia, Uruguay, Germany, and Argentina. Descemer also performed in the United States in 1998 with the jazz ensemble Colomn B. During this period, Bueno was artist-in-residence at Stanford University in California, and spent a year teaching at the University of South Africa in Capetown. In 1999, after moving to New York, Bueno became active in his hip-hop band Yerba Buen] writing or co-writing most of the songs for their debut album President Alien. Yerba Buena songs can be heard in several American movies and Pepsi commercials. However, Bueno’s involvement in Yerba Buena did not last long. Descemer Bueno soon moved back to Cuba and began producing, arranging, and composing music for many young Cuban musicians including Haydée for Haydée Milanés, La Isla Milagrosa for William Vivanco, and Breathe for Yusa. He also composed the music for the film Havana Blues, winning him the 2006 Goya award for Best Original Music. Descemer is also known for his writing skills, being a named “bolerista” to be reckoned with after having written a set of boleros for Fernando Alvarez just before the singer’s death in 2002. In 2005 Bueno recorded his first solo album Siete Rayo, a hip-hop fusion album, after signing with Universal Latin. His album featured George Pajon of the Blacked Eyed Peas.

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