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There is more than one artist with this name: 1. Mate from London, England http://www.kingdome.co.uk 2. Alberto Matesanz from Spain http://www.siesta.es/webmate 3. Mate from Hungary http://www.myspace.com/mate77 http://www.last.fm/music/Mate+(Hungary)(Free MP3s) 4. The band Mate from Poland http://www.mate.band.pl 5. Korean indie rock band Mate / 메이트. 1. Mate is an experimental music, film and performance group from London, England. Formed in 2013 the group was founded by Som Cunningham (Izambard), Alessandro Salzano and Gman Leong. Mate are a part of Izambard's independent creative label Kingdome (www.kingdome.co.uk) and underground event; Boudica. The first song for Mate's debut project was released on Kingdome Records in January 2015. Following a further two singles, their full length album “Casper” was released independently in November of 2016 on Kingdome Records. The music on this album provided the soundtrack to a film of the same name written and directed by Som Cunningham (Izambard). 2. Mate is Alberto Matesanz, he comes from Madrid, Spain and it's part of the duo Plastic D'amour. In 2005, he released with siesta records the album 'sol de medianoche' "...the perfect record to enjoy the afterglow of pop after sunset. Mr Matesanz -somewhere between Benjamin Biolay and Gilbert O’sullivan- has well-boned songwriting skills, a sharp eye for lyric detail and an instantly recognizable vocal style. His music conveys whimsy and sentiment, it is not 'hip' sounding à la lo-fi or country at all. He has a feel for strong melodies in a quirky understated way. The songs subsequently rely on precise arrangements, solid melodies and smart execution, neat acoustics and romantic pop roads in elastic beds of guitars. Midnight sun pop. 3. Mate is an artist from Szeged, Hungary. About me: I am a student in Hungary. I made "music" when i was very young in Impulse Tracker 2.14, but finished it for about 10 years, and in December 2005 I started to deal with music severely. My name: It's not from the English word "mate", it's from my Hungarian forename Máté, without accents. 4. Mate is a band from Zielona Góra, Poland. 5. Mate is a three piece indie rock band from Seoul, South Korea - Im Hun Eel (이헌일, on guitar), Jung Joon Eel (정준일, on keyboard) and Lee Hyun Jae (이현재, drums). They've already won several awards and write and produce all of their music. Their début album was released on April 29th 2009. http://www.myspace.com/matebandkorea

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