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Composer, pianist, music producer, singer from Armenia. Li'lith (Lilit Navasardyan), is a musician from Armenia and has been amerced in music her entire life. She was born on November 12, 1981, and at the tender of four, Li'lith was already displaying her natural musical talents that were soon noticed by her mother, Tamara Simonyan. Tamara, who was is a classical piano teacher encouraged her daughter, and soon Li'lith both sang and accompanied herself on the piano for her first performance on national television when she was only six years old. Li'lith attended the Tchaikovsky Musical School for Gifted Children in 1988 and studied classical and contemporary piano as well as composition stylites. Her early musical education spanned over 10 years under the supervision and musical mentoring of Prof. A.H. Shahbazyan (piano) and Prof. Composer Lazar Saryan (composition). During her studies Li'lith also performed solo concerts and continuously composed many classical pieces. At school she became a laureate of the Amadeus Belgian-Armenian Competition (First Prize(1996) and the Benjamin Britten National Competition (Third prize). During her years as a student she also taught classical piano, harmony, solfeggio, music theory and composition. Li'lith eventually graduated with honors from the Komitas State Conservatory, where she specialized in Composition and Piano Performance under the tutelage of Prof. Composer Eduard Mirzoyan and Prof. Pianist Marina Abrahamyan. In the proceeding years, Li'lith composed contemporary pieces for symphonic and chamber orchestras, string and woodwind quartets, choirs, vocal and piano pieces and continued to perform solo concerts. Congruently, she also taught classical piano, harmony, solfeggio, music theory, and composition. Writing original songs was always a constant in her musical career as she progressed on her studies. In 2005 she completed a Post Graduate course specializing in Composition and in 2006 began working in other genres including smooth jazz, soul jazz, trip-hop,chillout, trance ambient. She has since created music for many feature and animation films such as Half Moon Bay, Vishapagorg's secret, Hunter, Felichita,Taxi Eli lava, as well as commercial advertisements and more than 150 (including children's) songs.

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