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There more than one artists with this name: #1 (2009) dj/singer-songwriter of The Internet; #2 (1993) guitarist/programmer in Apparatus N.C. & Liquid Sex Decay; #3 (2002) singer/songwriter; #4 french DJ and electronic disco producer Grégoire Bar. #1) Syd (2009) is an American alternative R&B and neo soul singer-songwriter, record producer, DJ, and audio engineer, of The Internet. She released her debut solo album, Fin, in 2017. #2) Syd (1993) (aka Sydney) is a guitarist/programmer in Apparatus N.C. & Liquid Sex Decay. #3) Syd (2002) is a singer/songwriter from Vermont living in Brooklyn whose love of "indie rock", driving rhythms and 50's pop has separated him from the growing legions of boys wielding guitars. After playing hundreds of shows a year since 2002, selling a combined 3000 physical copies of his first two records and an astonishing 23,000 digital downloads, Syd brought his band (drummer Sam Smith, now Ben Folds' throne man and guitarist Dylan Allen, now also living in New York) into the deep woods of Chelsea, VT to record in a gutted barn what would become 2007's "The Way We Found It" a record that re-defines the sound Syd has been honing all these years. Produced by They Might Be Giants' Danny Weinkauf, "The Way We Found It" is a new sound, and altogether familiar. Along the way, he's earned a spot in Music Connection magazine's "Top 25 Demos of the Year", a nomination for Coffeehouse Performer of the Year, showcases at NXNE and Nemo Music Festival, plus opening slots in front of Ari Hest, Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers, The Zombies and Hanson, among many others. #4) SYD is also an alias for the french DJ and electronic disco producer, Grégoire Bar.

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