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Emmy  (born  Emma Bejanyan  ( Armenian :  Էմմա Բեջանյան ); 12 April 1984), is an  Armenian  singer. She is considered one of Armenia's most popular and influential singers, being labelled as a "pop princess" and "Armenian pop icon". Emmy represented Armenia in the  Eurovision Song Contest 2011  and became the country's first non-qualifier, the others being  Sevak Khanagyan  in 2018 and  Srbuk  in 2019. Emmy's career took off immediately after she recorded her first song, "Hayastan," and released its video, in 1993. She earned numerous awards at song competitions in Armenia, Russia, Turkey, Europe, and elsewhere. She sang and toured with the all-female folk-pop quartet Hayer from 1994 to 2000. Emmy also runs Emmy-B Production Center, a music-production company searching for new young talents in Armenia.   As of 2014 she's also a judge in the Armenian talent competition  The X Factor 's 3rd season. In February 2010, Emmy along with singer Mihran participated in the  2010 Armenia pre-selection  for the  Eurovision Song Contest 2010  with the entry "Hey (Let Me Hear You Say)" which was even endorsed by  Ricky Martin .  The pair came second losing out to eventual winner,  Eva Rivas  with " Apricot Stone " for the ticket to the 2010 Contest in  Bærum . Bejanyan represented  Armenia  at  Eurovision Song Contest 2011  in  Düsseldorf ,  Germany .  On May 10, Emmy failed to qualify for the final, making her the first Armenian Eurovision act to miss the final.

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