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[2] A Los Angeles / San Diego, CA, USA progressive house project, started as duo of Logan Light and Alex Seaver but before leaving Logan Light in 2017, operates as solo project. They débuted with track "Beam" (Aug 2012) and their latest is "Way Back Home" (Jan 2013). Other releases include tracks: "Mako Beam Feat Angle Taylor (2013)" (aka "Beam (2013 Original Mix)"), "Beam (The Orchestral Mix)" and "Spaceman". Together, they have also collaborated-with / remixed Angel Taylor, Paris Blohm, plus combinations of Sander Van Doorn, Mariana Bell and DubVision. Sites: MusicBrainz, SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook. [3] A Irish duo of ex-Cyclefly members (aka Mako.), singer-songwriter Declan O’Shea (vocals) and guitarist-songwriter Christian Montagne (bass), formed in 2006. Their début album was Living on Air (2007, Drive). While O’Shea is from East Cork, Co. Cork, they recorded their début album in Montagne's home town, Antibes, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. This new project retains Cyclefly's slightly edgy alt-rock sound, with a mellowed maturity. O’Shea's voice has been compared to those of David Bowie, The Psychedelic Furs' Richard Butler and Annie Lennox. Sites: Facebook. [4] Taking its name from the roving short-fin sea predator, MAKO has cast upon Boston shores after conquering the Hudson Valley, performing with the likes of Thurston Moore and Japanther. With a sound that draws from Scott Walker to the Smiths to Led Zeppelin (minus the Wolfmothered overhype) Mako's thick riff-heavy indie rock is augmented by the hauntingly long voice of vocalist Hunter McClamrock, at once equal parts Brett Anderson and Adam Ant, delivering a sound that glides effortlessly through the modern rock ocean. Shallow-water guitar shine and deep lyrical introspection add up to one of the city's more unexpected arrivals. Sharks patrol these waters, indeed. [5] A Eurobeat artist. [6] An Oklahoma City, OK, USA Final Fantasy-themed screamo band, with a member known as 1337 Skramz. [7] An Manchester, UK based eclectic / collaborative producer. [8] A Japanese ex-Deadman solo vocalist, best known as 眞呼.

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