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Vahagn Hayrapetyan

Vahagn Hayrapetyan is one of the most popular and renowned Armenian jazz piano player. Being the son of the famous Armenian violin player Karo Hayrapetyan, he loved music from his very childhood. Graduating the Yerevan State Conservatory he started his professional career. Vahagn studied his manner with bop legend Barry Harris and Frank Hewitt in New York and collaborated there with many High level and legengary musicians. Such as, drummers Frank Gent, Leroy Williams, Khalil Madi,Jimmie Lovelace. saxophonists Jimmie Vass, Charles Davis, Criss Byears, Zaid Nasser, and one of the greatest bass players today, Ari Roland. He recorded and released two albums in NEW ORLEANS.”Love for sale” with well known saxophonist Clarence Jhonson the 3rd. a trio record “Tripp to New Orleans” with the amazing drummer Jhony Vidakovich and a great bassist Ed Wise and Bop it up” with Wendell Brunious trp. Brice Winston t.s. Bill Huntington bs and Jason Marsales dr. He partisipate many international jazz festivals such as Jazz Jamborry, St. Pitersburg international jazz fest, Moscow international jazz fest 1997 98 99 New Orleans Jazz fest Dumorie and Montreal jazz fest. And many more….. he toured around the world and played many concerts with his trio. Also toured with many internationally recognized jazz musicians around the world. After his return to Armenia he started his own trio and performed with it at many local and International Festivals such as Montreal, Toronto, New Orleans, Moscow, Dubai, Cyprus e c t… He also toughed jazz in Syria, Iran, Lebanon and toured a lot abroad of Armenia. Vahagn Hayrapetyan is part of the yearly “Jazz futures” program, organized by US embassy in Cypru where he teaches and perform with the worlds greatest bassist Ari Rolland and his band. With that band he recently record a CD of a wonderful singer Yaala Baalin in title “On the road”Vahagn also relised his first solo album “Singin’ and Swingin”. Each performance of Vahagn Hayrapetyan brings happyness and joy to the public.

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