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Kim Sanders

Kim Sanders is not only a gifted female vocalist but also a talented songwriter. Kim was born in East Chicago, Indiana, on the 24th of October 1968. Her first solo single was called Full Time in 1991. The track was written by Kim Sanders, Axel Henninger and Rüdiger Meng, produced by Axel Henninger and Rüdiger Meng. The song is not eurodance at all, it's a rock pop song. Axel Henninger later produced X-Perience Circles Of Love. Then she released her first eurodance track under the name of Flame in 1993. Entitled Next Time (I Promise), it was written and produced by Nosie Katzmann. 1994 was a very busy year for her, during which she released no more than 3 singles. Show Me reached position # 8 in the Israelian charts and # 15 in Germany, and Tell Me That You Want Me was # 11. The song Hypothetic was only a B-side. Giving up her solo carreer, she took part to different projects of the Frankfurt Connection (Jam & Spoon etc.). She contributed to Loft's debut album Wake The World (she appears on Hold On for example) and to the Steven Levis Project with Out Of My Mind performed with Nosie Katzmann. There were also 2 tracks released under her own name : Where Will You Go (I Don't Want To Spend Xmas Alone) released only on the compilation Bravo Dance Christmas (which featured all the greatest euro artists) and Food For Thought. Finally she joined Culture Beat as female vocalist and took part to their latest album Metamorphosis. She took part as a writer to many eurodance projects such as Affinity 3 or Natascha Wright. Her hobbies are reading, videos, and aerobics. 2001 : Kim is back with a new solo single entitled (More) Food For Thought (once again written and composed by Nosie Katzmann), which is already # 20 in in Israel dance chart. She also co-wrote and performed songs for the dance project Schiller. These were unfortunately not eurodance but slow-songs : Distance and Dancing with My Loneliness. She left Culture Beat, being replaced by Jackie Sangster. 2003 : Kim Sanders released her first album, entitled Pretty On Edge. It contained 13 brand new songs, unfortunately not eurodance related. Kim took part to Schiller's new album Leben, she appears on the song : Delicately Yours. 2004 : Kim decided to take a break to concentrate on songwriting and more of the business aspects of the music industry. She toured with Schiller in April. She contributed to write the lyrics of Culture Beat's single I Can't Go On. 2006 : Kim did backing vocals on What Is It About Me, a track on Sandra's last album The Art Of Love. 2008 : Kim appeared on Schiller's new album Sehnsucht. In November, she was said to be working on some new material with the help of Schiller, her album should be released next year

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