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There are multiple artists that perform under the name Seb. Note: the artist SeeB also incorrectly redirects to this page. This should be fixed later this year - Last.fm apologises for any confusion or inconvenience caused by this in meantime. 0. SeeB is a norwegian EDM/tropical house trio consisting if Simen Eriksrud, Espen Berg and Nick Strand. The group got famous by their remix of Mike Posner's song "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" released in 2015. 1. Seb is a rock / punk group from Syracuse, NY. They have participated in many battle of the bands, placing third in the Jewish Community Center's 8th Annual BOTB, won The LeMoyne Battle of the Bands for The Francis House, and have played for many events. They released their entire first EP online for free. You can download it on last.fm. 2. A Danish rock band. Winner of the 2006 MGP, its members are Sebastian Øberg Nilsen, Magnus and Mathias. 3. A London singer and producer making electronic-tinged pop. He is signed to Ferocious Dance, a UK-based independent label. 4. Seb Wronski originally signed to dance label React records under the name SEB. He enjoyed international underground club hits with such hardcore classics as ‘Rainbow Islands’ and ‘Sugar Shack’. More recently he has set up Bubble Gum City recording studios and has focused on re-mixing and production work 5. An Eindhoven rapper whose music is mainly about life in the coffee shop.

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