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KOHAR Symphony Orchestra and Choir

KOHAR Symphony Orchestra & Choir (frequently known as KOHAR) of Gyumri, Armenia, is the most popular orchestra in its rendition of 'All Time Armenian Favorites', with innovative and revised arrangement and orchestration, which has become the trademark name of its Armenian music and songs. KOHAR was founded in 1997 as an independent musical and cultural institution by the Armenian culture patron, Harout Khatchadourian of Lebanon, who along with his brothers, Shahe and Nar Khatchadourian, entirely sustain the activities of KOHAR and all its concerts in tribute to their parents; in memory of their late father Aram and in Honor of their mother KOHAR. KOHAR initially started as a symphony orchestra in 2000 under the helm of creative director and conductor Sebouh Abcarian of Cyprus, and later the KOHAR Choir was formed to complement the work of KOHAR Symphony Orchestra. Consisting of over 140 musicians 12 solo singers, and 11 dance-member ensemble, the symphony orchestra & choir quickly grew in popularity with its initial outdoor concerts on the premises of KOHAR, which attracted interest and admiration from locals and overseas. KOHAR has been famous for its recordings of All Time Armenian Favorites DVD & CD. The DVD features a bilingual Armenian & English, multi-feature and stunning, visual and symphonic performance. It contains 46 All Time Armenian Favorites songs and dances, The stirring performance will enliven any music lover. The highlight of the DVD is the subtitled lyrics of the songs in Armenian and transliteration. During the course of its almost 10-year existence, KOHAR has become an important cornerstone in the unique musical rendition of Armenian alphabet and culture, and bringing its share in preserving the Armenian heritage for future generations.

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