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As of 2016, there are at least three artists by the name of Alis: 1. Pachi Delgado is the essence of pure music, and this is easy to explain but difficult to achieve. Having been a leader and voice of Alis Dee, jiennense worship band, and everything that happened to her, as the contract with EMI, Pachi decided to engage in production work from his studio in Baeza (Alis record) with countless groups such big names as Josele Santiago (doing preproduction on "the swallows etc. ..."), leaning to the road as a sound of bands like the Enemy, Chucho, Deluxe, Sexy Sadie, Pastora Soler, Medina Azahara, between other. So we thought we had lost a great musician gaining an excellent producer, and that we were wrong. We have not lost anything since Pachi back solo under the name of ALIS, reemerging as a phoenix from the ashes of his former band, and embraced by guitar Juan Pablo Huertas. 2. An alter ego of Sabina Plamenova a.k.a. Subeena. Released the album Hybrids In The Attic in 2012. 3. ALIS is an experimental electronic artist. They released an album on PLUS100 called Corporeal in April 2016. https://plus100.bandcamp.com/album/corporeal

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