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Kyla refers to at least three recording artists: 1. Kyla is a popular and successful female Filipino singer who has risen to fame in the Philippines with songs such as "Because Of You" and "Someone To Love". She had 6 mainstream album and is currently working on her forth coming. Born Melanie Hernandez Calumpad on January 01, 1981, she is dubbed as the "R&B Princess of the Philippines". Kyla also sang a duet with Jay-R covering Christian Bautista's hit "Say That You Love Me". Kyla also won the 2001 MTV Asia Awards. She is currently a host and performer on a popular Philippine show on the GMA Network. 2. Kyla refers to Kim Carlsson's one man project. Kim Carlsson is a swedish musician, member of bands such as Hypothermia and Life is Pain, both bands having their lyrics and atmosphere based on depression, melancholy and pain. Kyla follows the same depressive style and ideology. Kim is also one of the founding members of swedish depressive black metal/rock band Lifelover. 3. Kyla is a UK based funky House artist, known for such tracks as "Do You Mind" and "Daydreaming"

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