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Kai Brant

Kai spent her teens and early 20s in a blues band where she developed her soulful vocal expressions and learned to play guitar. She later began her own musical venture with lead guitarist and producer Makoto of Yokohama City, Japan, and in 1999 released an unofficial record under the band name ORENDA. In 2004, Kai started her solo project and recorded a demo with composer/producer Stuart Brooke Richardson. After spending almost a year performing in London and shopping her demo with limited success, she returned to the States in 2006 and joined the jazz psychedelic group HOLIDAY. Although never performing live, the experience peaked her interest in jazz and the use of electronic sound loops. The following year she formed DAZY LOVE, a trio combining her new electronic creations with poetry, soulful singing, and exotic dance. Although short-lived, this journey inspired The Hat Trix Project (THTP), a collective combining both electronic and organic music, poetry, art, and dance. This venture further developed Kai's creativity through the meshing of world music with classical elements and led to her first release as a producer (HatTrix Volume One). While on a break from this venture, Kai was determined to release a full length solo record of her own. Her self-titled debut consists of ten tracks combining electronic sound waves with smooth vocal prowess, produced by Kai Brant, Stuart Brooke Richardson, Alex Xenophon, and Andrew Berenyi. Release Date: Summer, 2010.

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