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The Romanian composers Marius Moga and Andrei Ropcea are joining their forces for a major dance project - Morandi. The group's name derives from the first two letters of Moga's name and Ropcea's nickname, Randi, creating Morandi. Morandi has released 3 albums. Reverse 2005 (the first album), became a really big hit with totally unique sound. The album and the project was kept secret. In Romania the first release "Love me" broke the top hits, and people were asking who was the mastermind behind this new sound. Nobody believed it was from Romania. The secret was rising, as nobody knew Marius Moga and Andrei Ropcea were planning the success. The secret was revealed when they released the hit "Beijo (Uh la la)", and Morandi's first appearance was at MTV's Romanian Music Awards 2005. As Morandi hit the Western European dance floors, they headed for success. The second album is called "Mind Fields", keeping the same original sound and really impressing the fans with the hits "Falling Asleep" and "A La Lujeba". The third album is called "N3xt",and already has 2 singles called "Afrika" and "Angels". It was released in 2008. The most recent album is still under construction; Morandi has worked on it off an on for several years, continually delaying the final product. It will be called "Zebra", and three singles off it have already been released: "Colors" (2009), "Rock The World" (2010), and "Midnight Train" (2011). http://morandimusic.net

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