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1) Corbin is the current alias of Spooky Black and Lil Spook. He is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Corbin Smidzik is a young, up and coming R&B singer from St. Paul, Minnesota. A somewhat unconventional artist, he is best known for the music video he released for his song, “Without You” in February 2014. The song features 15-year old "Spooky" wearing turtlenecks, a gold chain and a durag while singing over ethereal instrumentals. Despite his chosen aesthetic, or perhaps in part because of it, Corbin has become something of an internet sensation. Spooky's “Without You” has received over a million views on YouTube and his "Black Silk" mixtape is the focus of a growing cult following. 2) Norwegian band from Larvik. Wrote 25-30 songs during half a year.

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