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Kristian Leontiou

is a popular, English singer songwriter from East London, England. He was born in 1984 to a Greek Cypriot father and an English mother. His sister, Alexa, is a singer in her own band and guest vocaled on his B-Side, Hi-Lo & In Between. Diagnosed with dyslexia from an early age, Kristian had a number of jobs in various career paths before he decided to get into music. After making a demo tape, he eventually had a meeting with Polydor Records, who controversially judged him on his looks upon hearing the demo tape, feeling he was more suited to rap music. He had major chart success from June 2004 onwards with the songs "Story of My Life" (UK #7) and "Shining" (UK #12), the latter coming 32nd in the UK Airplay Chart of 2004, and his debut album, Some Day Soon, which went gold selling 100,000 copies after spending just 6 months in the UK album chart, and was re-issued to minimal success in April the following year. However, his third single, "Some Say" missed the Top 40 altogether and charted a lowly #57 in the UK. In April 2005, a download-only single, a cover of Tracey Chapman's Fast Car was released. It didn't chart at all. He toured the UK in November 2004, and is still signed to Polydor while working on a second album. He has recently embarked on a new venture called OneEskimo, where he is lead vocalist.

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