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Сплин (English — Splean; also transliterated as Splin, Spleen) is a rock band from Saint Petersburg, Russia founded by Aleksandr Vasilev in 1994. They also released their debut album in '94. Although recently, The band has been experimenting more frequently. The current Splean is quite different from the band at the beginning. For nearly twelve years, they have remained one of the most popular rock bands in Russia and the former Soviet Union. The band was formed when lead singer Aleksandr Vasilev, while working in at a theatrical institute, was introduced to keyboardist Nikolai Rostovskiy. The two formed a band, and risking Vasilev's job, began recording their first album in one of the institute's studios at night. Despite the unstoppable rumours about the break-up situation of the group, Vasilev and Co. continue performing on different Russian and World stages. The members of the band have changed over time, but the Saint-Petersburg rock-band spirit has never left. In recent months, the band has garnered international attention for the inclusion of their song "Be my Shadow" (Будь моей тенью) in Sergey Lukyanenko's bestselling novel, Night Watch, probably due to the mass popularity of the film of the same name. In 2007, the group released their 9th studio album, Раздвоение Личности (Split Personality). The Current band line up: Aleksandr Vasilev — Vocals, Guitars Aleksei Mesheryakov — Drums Vadim Sergeev — Guitars Nikolai Rostovskiy — Keyboards Dmitri Kunin — Bass Guitar

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