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Five Seasons

FIVE SEASONS is a music project of Daniel Voss which was given birth in 2007 as a solo project besides the collaboration projects with his brother Roland Voss: WEATHERTUNES, LEMONGRASS, JASMON. Daniel is also the co-founder of the label LEMONGRASSMUSIC. During 10 years Five Seasons has been releasing 5 albums and one EP and has contributed tracks to numerous Chillout and Lounge compilations. Daniel was born in Northern Germany in 1977. He started playing the piano at the age of 5 and was educated in classic, jazz and free vamp piano. In his teenage years he started playing keyboards, guitars, bass guitar and several percussion instruments. He has played in a number of alternative rock bands and has gained some experience with electronic instruments from his brothers’ synthesizers at the same time. At the age of 20 Daniel has started his first professional collaboration project “Weathertunes” with his brother Roland and soon participated in further lounge and chillout projects - "Lemongrass", "Jasmon", "Beach Hoppers", and some more. Since the early 2000′s he has been releasing music under his solo pseudonym “Green Empathy” as well. Recent new projects are: “Yin And Yang” and “Patholics”. The second Five Seasons album “By The Sea” features Brazilian vocalist Marisol Costa from Sao Paolo who has contributed two beautiful songs in her mother-tongue. On the third album “Walk” Daniel welcomes vocalists Gushi from Argentina (known from the project Gushi & Raffunk) and Jane Maximova from Russia. Two more Five Seasons longplayers “Air” and "Days In The Sun" have followed in 2014 and 2016.

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