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Andreas Henneberg

Andreas Henneberg, who has been active as a producer, Live Act artist and DJ in the "Electronic Music" scene since 1997, has already made quite an impression upon various productions in the fields mentioned. Having initially gone on tour with a female singer, a cellist and a tour bus full of technical equipment, Henneberg then decided to stick with DJing. To support this, he set up a professional recording studio called "HenMounTain-Studio" in 1999. This is where he has produced his various works, compositions and releases which feature a clear, straight forward sound made up of genres as "Straight Tech", "Electro Techno" and a bit of "House". Although Henneberg also plays other people's recordings (productions) when DJing, this platform is mainly used to propegate his unique sound. "Creative DJing instead of the usual shuffeling is his motto. In 2002, together with Daniel Nitsch and Stefan Schuldt, Henneberg founded the highly successful recording label "Voltage Musique Records (VMR). He has also released various productions on KarateMusik, Gastspiel, Bangbam Records, In&Out, Klanggymnastik, Fantastique Records and many more. People who have worked with Andreas Henneberg include Mathias Schaffhäuser, Lützenkirchen, Rob Acid, Hakan Lidbo and so on.. His numerous appearances as a DJ throughout the European Club-Szene have resulted in a mix of different experiences and a strong professional attitude. So keep your senses sharpened, eat sufficient amounts of fruit, and bug your record dealer.

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