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Stan Webb

Stan Webb is the leader and guitarist with Chicken Shack, a blues band founded in 1965. The original band featured Christine Perfect, who later married John McVie and joined Fleetwood Mac, drummer Dave Bidwell and bassist Andy Sylvester, who later played bass for Savoy Brown. Chicken Shack charted the single "I'd Rather Go Blind" in 1967, an Ellington Jordan and Billy Foster tune. Stan Webb still tours and has released a number of solo albums, including 2001's Webb on the Indigo Records label. On Wikipedia: Stan Webb There is yet to be the definitive biography of Stan Webb - perhaps the nearest so far is the chapter in Bob Brunning's book on British blues - mind you it's out of print now, stops in the early 80s and is a bit on the brief side. So all I've done here is cobble together some bits and pieces from different sources. Mind you, I have seen a reference to a 1991 book called 'Can I Dance With You' or something like that written by Stan - has anyone seen it? Got a copy? Read it? Has Stan written it yet? So the main source of information has been Pete Frame's very excellent Rock Family Trees - the original one. If you haven't bought one yet, you ought to - they really are the best rock information books out there. (See Sources for full details) Follow link provided below. Besides the Family Tree I've also gathered information from CD liner notes, the odd article about Stan (thanks to Jeff Watt of the excellent Legacy Links), the very helpful Peter Moody (thanks again Peter) and for the information about the mid1980s I'm indebted to Tim Pratt who gets a big thank you on the Personnel page, but also gets a big thank you here as well! Stan Webb's Chickenshack: History Official Website: Stan Webb's Chickenshack

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