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Uma2rmaH (first name "Umaturman") - a famous Russian band, performing pop rock. Originally consisted of brothers Kristovskiy - Sergei and Vladimir, who named the band in honor of the beloved actress Uma Thurman. In the future, for concerts were hired additional musicians: Alex Ernst - keyboards, Sergei Solodkin - drums, Alex and Yuri Kozhakov Terletsky - lead guitar, Alex Kaplun - keyboards. Gained fame after radio hits "Praskovya", "Uma Thurman," as well as songs sounded in the end credits of the film Night Watch. Group three times winner of Muz-TV and "Best Newcomer 2004" according to the award MTV RMA. Uma2rmaH Group was formed in July 2003, when the brothers Kristovskie and Vyacheslav Butusov at Nizhny Novgorod studio recorded a demo album consisting of 15 songs. He was sent to Moscow by a record company. The first public performance of the group was held in Moscow December 19, 2003 (the day of birth of Kristovskie) at "16 tons" in concert Zemfira. Friends by inviting them back as a gift for his birthday, there already told the brothers that they can go on stage and with the singer perform his song "Praskovya" (which they also record previously transferred itself Zemfira and she loved it) . The first clip of the group was removed on March 23-24, 2004 in the city of Yalta and Gurzuf on the same track, which has become by then a hit. In 2004, the debut album came out and the group - in the city N. Work of the group interested in the director of the film "Night Watch" Timur Bekmambetov, and invited them to record the soundtrack for the film. The film was a big hit at the box office, and the main song for a long time remained on the top lines of many of the charts. After that, two more were shot music video, "Sorry" and "Uma Thurman" October 16, 2004 a group of the winner at a ceremony Russia Music Awards in the "Best Newcomer". The group has repeatedly come to the rock festival "Invasion." Also brothers Kristovskie are the creators and arrangers title song series "Daddy's Girls." In 2010 took part in the work on the cartoon "Belka and Strelka. Star Dogs. " Also in 2010 gave two appartment - March 12 (Palace of Culture. Zueva) and 25 November (Club "Mao"). In 2011, released their fourth album, "In this city all crazy," are nominees of Muz-TV in the category "Best Rock Group", but concede the group "Mummy Troll".

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